The “and symbol,” or ampersand may be a small symbol, but it represents the big idea that there is more coming! This unassuming little & represents the expectation of extra things to come! If we’re honest with ourselves, some of the extras and “ands” we bring into our lives are things that add value TO it but some of them simply distract us FROM it. At the AOC we think that Young Living Essential Oils are a fabulous “AND” for everyone to have. These little bottles of plant juice have come to mean SO much more than just the liquid inside! They move us toward wellness, and purpose, and abundance. And when you link arms with our tribe you not only get oils and oily education, you get community, an instant family! Who you sign up with matters and we would love to link arms with you to help you add such a positive “AND” to your life, Young Living!


Being a mama and having the ability to decide how we use our time, our most precious commodity in life, is the biggest blessing in my life! I couldn’t think of anything more life giving than spending my days helping others learn about ditching toxins, using oils, and creating their best life while doing the same! I’m Becky, and this is me with my sweet husband Dan and our four kiddos! Baby brother is hiding behind me no doubt plotting some sort of adventure. ;)

Five years ago, I ordered a YL Premium Starter Kit from a friend I met at a moms group. I had researched oils and companies for 6 months and I knew there was something to these oils! As a former Chemistry teacher, I did my research and YL’s Seed to Seal Guarantee was tops! Just months in, we had so many “aha moments” with them I couldn’t help but tell others! So… I did what all moms do, I told my friends about what was working for us! Better sleep, less stress, less meltdowns, staying healthy, and more JOY is something you want to shout from the rooftops about! Five years later, we now have a team of over 6,000 members using oils and ditching toxins to the curb. It takes a village and our community, the AOC is it!


As I started telling my friends about these awesome bottles of plant juice and giving them some to try, over and over they worked and my friends wanted some of their own! And hello, that’s how it goes when people get their hands on these oils… Because they work! I started sending those friends my link and signing them up and before I knew it a community was building! Like minded women and men with a goal of having an amazing wellness kit in their home and the willingness to share when others they cared about had a need. Our team grew out of a desire to help those they care about! Five years later, we are a community of over 6,000 members and that is still the vibe of our team! What has resulted is a fierce tribe of women and men who are positive, like minded, solution focused, encouraging, and fun as all get out! We love our oils, we love people, and we are passionate about sharing what we’re learning and serving this community!

We are group of likeminded people from all walks of life, who are purposeful about our journey to wellness! We strive to be intentional together in five key areas; fostering a sense of COMMUNITY, making an IMPACT on the world around us, developing in our own personal GROWTH, finding FREEDOM in life via wellness, purpose, and abundance, and in having a ton of FUN while we do it!!

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